Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Management of Ancient and Veteran trees 

We can provide assistance with tree inspections, surveys for clients with special trees on historic parkland from small or large estates with management plans, planting schemes, aerial assessments and tree decay detection, our professional tree inspections and surveys are designed to help landowners, estates or organizations minimize the risk of injury caused by trees on their property.

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Management of Special Trees

We can help provide you with a wide range of tree safety advice, levels of tree inspections, and surveys to manage old trees to help protect vulnerable ancient and veteran trees on your site so that their historical, cultural, biodiversity, and landscape benefits are retained for the future and to identify issues and record the way in which trees will be assessed and managed, in relation to the risk posed by trees, and that a reasonable and practicable approach has been taken which is proportionate to the risk.

There are two broad types of veteran trees, those that have been actively managed at some stage in their life and those that have not, a tree should not have anything done to it unless you can demonstrate a need to, the decision to prune an ancient tree should not be taken lightly.  Ancient and Veteran trees are found in different situations and there is not a set guideline that will work for every tree in every situation, every tree is an individual, even on a single site, and different management options and prescriptions are needed for different trees.


Services We Provide

  • We can provide all levels of inspection, surveys & risk management for clients from small to large tree populations.
  • We can provide clients with special tress on historic parkland from small or large estates with management plans and native woodland planting schemes.
  • Undertaking BS5837:2012 surveys and providing advice on buffer zones and development close to ancient and veteran trees.
  • Advanced tree inspections including the use of decay-detection equipment.