Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Tree Reports & Surveys for Mortgage and Insurance Purposes

If you are purchasing a property and have been requested to provide a tree report for your insurer or mortgage provider, Trees often add value to a property and provide amenity, environmental and ecological benefits. However, trees can also represent a risk to a property and advice from a qualified and experienced Arboriculturist is essential for your future protection, including legal liability.

Our report will provide details of the relevant trees, their condition and structural stability and potential risks in terms of direct damage to built structures and surfaces, providing clear future management prescriptions and recommendations avoiding unnecessary and expensive tree works. We will also assess subsidence related risk and give appropriate recommendations.

The report can be used to negotiate with vendors where significant problems are identified.

We will assess:

  • Indirect threats (clay-shrinkage subsidence)
  • Direct threats i.e. tree failure, roots damaging light structures and hard surfacing etc
  • Current and future tree management requirements
  • Projected costs of remedial tree works – if applicable