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Drones in Arboriculture

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are quickly becoming a useful cost effective tool in Arboriculture. Covering large areas quickly using 4K video and hi-res photo capability, these cameras can capture large amounts of data that can be gained by hovering and being stabilised on a gimbal (aids stability and reduces vibration).

Their usage includes;

  • Inaccessible and/or high embankments where tree stability, form and vitality are easily assessed and which avoids using rope access work.
  • Avenues of trees and parks were the form or canopy health can be quickly recorded and then studied in safe environment of the office on a monitor in slow motion. Where security fencing protects valuable stock and the fencing could be damaged by a failing tree or tree part.
  • Utility corridors (power lines and pipelines) can assess pruning requirements on a large scale where vegetative growth can be predicted allowing the company to predict risks such as when a tree might fall onto the power cables. Replacing helicopters with drones can be very cost effective.
  • Woodland/forests can be viewed from high above to assess canopy health where disease like Phytophthora is spreading. Areas of wind blown trees after a storm can be located prioritising work areas near public or utility corridors. Vehicular access and footpaths can be observed to ensure they are clear and free from failing or failed trees or tree parts.
  • Other none arboricultural uses includes aerial inspections of roofs, gutters, bridges, towers and wind turbines. Infrared cameras can be used to observe water stress in trees and turf in golf courses, agriculture.
  • Working in association with Cirrus Aerial Surveys Ltd, a CAA Approved Aerial Survey company we are able to provide, HD and 4K Ultra HD video and high resolution aerial photography.
  • Cirrus Aerial Surveys Ltd are a UAV specialist operating throughout the UK with a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) issued from the CAA.