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Tree Risk Management

Managing the risk from trees is the responsibility of the duty holder. Our tree management services help the duty holder, including householders, landowners and others involved in the management of trees, whether connected with streets, parks, public open spaces, businesses such as hotels or farms, private estates, woodland, schools, care homes, business parks, utilities or private gardens to efficiently plan their tree management over a long-time frame.

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Arboricultural Management Strategies & Policies

Tree Risk Management is a management system used by landowners and organizations to identify issues and record the way in which trees will be assessed and managed, in relation to the risk posed by trees, and that a reasonable and practicable approach has been taken which is proportionate to the risk.  Tree risk management will provide an audit trail of actions taken in response to potential risk, what the finding was and how these findings were acted upon so that can help demonstrate that; the landowner has dispensed its duty with reasonable care and taken appropriate action as necessary to protect the general public.

“All landowners have a common duty of care under the Occupier’s Liability Acts 1957 and 1984 and statutory duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. These duties are to take all reasonably practicable precautions to ensure the safety of those on their land.”

Our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client and follow relevant guidance from the National Tree Safety Groups (NTSG) and Lantra

We can provide management at a strategic level by producing bespoke documents prepared for the client’s needs and can be one of the following documents tree strategies (for the management of large tree population), tree risk management strategy, tree renewal program, supplementary planning document, tree policy, tree work contract document, management of tree stock in response to a specific pest or disease with the use of include measurable aspects (SMART objectives and performance indicators) that allow review and audit processes to take place.

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Clients we can help:

  • Domestic tree owners with professional advice on the management of trees.
  • Local Authorities with strategies, TPO decisions, surveying and development applications
  • Schools, universities, facilities, and landscape management companies manage tree risk and enhance the learning environment.
  • Landowners with tree inventories helping to develop ‘Zoning’ management systems.
  • Historic parkland or small to large estates meet their duty of care.
  • GIS/GPS tree management system software to manage large numbers of trees, for a wide range of landowners and estate managers.

No project is too big or too small. We have undertaken condition and safety surveys nationwide for clients with multiple sites and large tree populations and also individual trees in private gardens. Get in contact with us today to discuss your survey requirements and obtain an obligation-free quotation.