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Tree Inspection & Risk Assessment 

We’re here to help landowners with their legal duty of care to manage the risks that trees may pose to people and property.  For commercial and residential clients such as Homeowners, Estates, Schools, Hospitals, Care homes, Business Industrial and Retail parks to help discharge their duty of care with regard to tree safety.


Arboricultural Surveying Services

Our specialist’s services can include expert tree condition surveys, tree risk assessments and aerial inspections with ongoing specialist advice and support.  All data is recorded using our specialist GIS/GPS/CAD tree management software such as Tree plotter, PEAR Technology, Pocket GIS and CAD based software to manage our clients’ trees. This technology can produce clear geo-referenced accurate maps and tree location plans, alongside clear and concise tree management reports with the appropriate recommendations. This allows our clients to keep detailed tree records to enable forward planning and convenient data capture.

Our tree surveyors can often identify hidden problems that could compromise a tree’s health, its structural integrity and can provide expert tree safety advice on management.  Inspections will identify and provide a detailed analysis of tree condition, amenity value, fungal diseases, trunk integrity, and pest attacks.  All these issues are diagnosed by our tree surveyors by using their experience and knowledge base sometimes back up with the latest technology and software.

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Arbotom Sonic Tomography

We use Arbotom sonic tomography, where a series of sensors are placed around the tree trunk or limb. Each sensor is tapped, which sends a stress wave across the wood to the other sensors, in order to develop a detailed 2D or 3D picture of the internal condition of trees. This allows us to ascertain the presence, extent and significance of internal decay and possible implications for tree safety.

This system can be used in a number of contexts, for instance:

  • To inform the risk management of individual trees,
  • Providing evidence to support TPO applications,
  • To inform the management of aged or veteran trees,
  • To provide a baseline for the monitoring of progressive decay.

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Microsecond Timer

Microsecond Timer is a rapid tree safety assessment tool, that works in conjunction with a mobile app to help you investigate tree defects. Testing takes a matter of seconds even on large diameter trees, with no heavy equipment or computers. Using just two sensors specially designed to allow the tree to repair quickly making it safe, fast and effective.

The Microsecond Timer, presents the time taken for a sound wave to travel between probes, simply put:

Short time = Normal Tree

Long time = Defective Tree

The Microsecond Timer is prefect for individual, walk through risk surveys and climbing inspections

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Root Mapping

Should defects/ weakness in the root system be suspected, we can conduct preliminary assessment of primary root condition using the ARBORADIX® system. The unit is set up as for the ARBOTOM®, however the sound impulses are applied not to the stem but to the ground above the root zone. Because no excavation is required the testing is quick to perform.

The resulting tomogram can be sufficient to indicate whether the tree has significant weakness in the root system. Confirmation by excavation and inspection of some or all of the structural roots is recommended when the roots system is indicated to be severely weakened.

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Invasive decay detection testing involves Resistograph is used for advanced tree risk assessments in order to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees with internal defects such as cavities or decay invasively.

This information collected helps us to provide better tree management recommendations to our clients and can help with, the following:

  • Evidence on the structural integrity of trees
  • The extent of any decay in the trunk or branches
  • Certainty about the internal structures of trees
  • Local authority tests for tree work applications
  • Local authority tests for planning applications
  • Decay detection testing for insurance purposes
  • Testing to ensure you meet your duties of care
  • Finding peace of mind over your tree health concerns
  • Preserve trees with minor surgery and avoid felling

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Climbing inspections

It is accepted across the Arboricultural industry that undertaking tree inspections from ground level is appropriate in the majority of cases. However, in some instances specific defects in the canopy or the presence of old cable braces may necessitate the need for closer inspection.

Using safe and efficient rope access techniques, our qualified tree climbers can access all aerial parts of the tree and undertake assessments to fully inform management decisions.

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Chlorophyll fluorescence

Arborcheck is a cost effective system providing arboricultural professionals with a convenient method of assessing the impact of stress on overall tree vitality. The system consists of 2 hand-held instruments which test different physiological characteristics of the leaf providing a detailed evaluation of the physiological performance of the tree. Results may be used as an indication of the early stages of decline due to stress or as supporting evidence for the findings of Visual Tree Assessments.