BS5837 Tree Survey, Tree Condition for Insurance Purposes, Mortgage Reports, Woodland Surveys and Preservation Orders.

BS5837 – Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations.

Building an extension or have a new building development in close proximity to trees? Please call us to for some free, initial advice. This information will plot the trees location, dimensions, age, value and offer management recommendation. This will then determine the root protection area for individual trees and any protective fencing that may be required. Treestyle Consultancy will liaise with the builders, architects and the councils to establish fluid and efficient communication to help create a quick delivery. Through my experience with this type of report writing I know and appreciate how quickly these need to be completed.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s)

The local council via their planning department place tree preservation orders on trees. This is one method of controlling and monitoring potential work to be carried out on prominent trees. Their control orders are in place to prevent felling, lopping, topping, pruning or uprooting of trees, which could be detrimental to the health and visual amenity value of the treescape. This also controls the quality of the tree work making sure it falls under the British Standards 3998 and good arboricultural practice. Here at Treestyle Consultancy we are able to give advice as to the condition of the tree and recommend removal or specific pruning operations to remedy any problems while still considering the health and aesthetic qualities of the tree. All application forms and correspondence would be carried out by ourselves from submission to the final decision.

Condition Surveys

Tree problem? Tree condition and recommendation surveys for insurance purposes are very common. If you need advice on what can be done please contact me. It is a landowner’s responsibility under “The Occupiers Liability Act 1957/1984 to take reasonable and practical steps to ensure that premises (including woodland) are reasonably safe for visitors and residents. This affects landowners and managers of trees and woodland areas who need to make regular safety inspections of their trees adjacent to buildings, roads, car parks, footpaths, picnic areas, public areas etc. This is to ensure that you have taken reasonable and practical steps to monitor the safety of your trees to prevent damage or injury to people or property.

Mortgage Reports for Insurance Purposes

It is very common now for insurance companies, before they issue a mortgage, to have the above survey carried out. Mortgages will not normally be issued without one of these surveys in place. This can assure the lender that the tree will not destroy or damage the property either physically (mechanically or biologically) or indirectly (subsidence).

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BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction

Building an extension or have a new building development in close proximity to trees? Please call us to for some free, initial advice.

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Drone Surveying

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) are quickly becoming a useful cost effective tool in Arboriculture.

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Advanced Decay Detection

Trees naturally become hollow, so ascertaining their integral strength is required with decay detection equipment.

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Loler Inspections, Training and Assessment

Loler to comply with current legislation, climbing equipment used for arboricultural proposes needs to be inspected every 6 months by an independent and competent person qualified to NPTC standards.

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