Welcome to Treestyle Consultancy Ltd Northwest based tree consultancy providing expert advice to both the public and commerce.

If you’re a homeowner, landowner, architect, property developer or local authority, in need of tree support and/or advice then speak to our team of arboricultural specialists today

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Tree experts in both Urban and Natural Enviroments

Trees are an essential part of our landscape for all their essential qualities, however, in the urban environment people and trees have to coexist and sensible management decisions are required. Our primary objective being health and safety with tree retention being a close second.

Based in the North West, Treestyle Consultancy Ltd can help you with tree surveys for property & developments, mortgage reports and surveying trees on your land. We can can offer all levels of assessment from:

  • The standard ground based Visual Tree Assessment (VTA).
  • Advanced climbing or decay detection assessments.
  • Aerial assessments with use of a drone to view large scale vegetation issues.
  • Root radar to visually observe below ground rooting issues.

Treestyle Consultancy Ltd

Tree Preservation & Arboriculture Specialists

Garstang and Preston based tree consultancy company offering a tree surveying service, tree condition surveys (BS5837 2012) and numerous specialist services. They include; drones in arboriculture, woodland surveys, advanced surveying with tree decay detection equipment, tree preservation order advice, tree hazard assessments and mortgage insurance reports.. Treestyle Consultancy has been servicing the Northwest of England since 2001 and has established its position in the market through great care and attention to detail. Other services that can be provided are LANTRA Training, aerial and ground based assessments and specific advice on new developments.

Trees can contribute significantly to the amenity of an area and provide many benefits from the obvious such as the aesthetics but also the economic, social and psychological aspects. However, due to the size and form of trees they can also pose significant risk and hazard and therefore it is imperative to identify hazards/defects and respond to them appropriately.